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Formulation Development

Formulation Development


Doctor’s Formulas is a leader in the field of finalized nutraceuticals and food supplements. The expertise in the innovation of liposomal products makes Doctors Formulas unique in the fast-growing area of food supplements.

The added value of these products is the liposomal technology, which is a meeting point of advances in the delivery of active substances with the safest and effective platform for nutraceuticals. Liposomes are among the best encapsulation and delivery vehicles with many advantages and without limitations for the delivery and targeting of active substances.

The innovation and the customers’ specific needs are the driving forces for the development of our products which are in line with the deep knowledge of liposomal technology and high-quality standards.

Our mission is to bring liposomal innovation to our customers wishing to generate the uniqueness of our value-for-money products with our scientific knowledge dedicated to liposomal technology!
International Organization for Standardization

Doctors Labs facilities have been certified for the Management System according to the ΕΝ ISO 22000:2018 standard